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Online Reputation Management Service in Chennai

ORM Service in Chennai

When a prospective client or customer wants to know more about your business, they will Google you on the internet. Their opinion on your business and company will be colored by what they read on the web pages. This makes online reputation management a must-do for any company or commercial establishment. These days even individuals are signing up for ORM services to maintain a good reputation in the digital world. Edufic offers excellent Online Reputation Management services in Chennai.

What is online reputation management?

It is a process that is used to control the search engine results that pop up when someone tries to find out more about you or your company. This process involves promoting positive content using various promotional techniques. While doing so, negative results will be pushed to the bottom of the search engine results. ORM involves the use of organic and paid optimization techniques to achieve the relevant results.

Why is it important to go for online reputation management?

It is very important for any company to maintain a good reputation online. That’s why you should avail ORM services from Edufic. Imagine you are sending a business proposal to an angel investor or a venture capitalist to fund for your business, what is the first thing they will do? They will collect all details about you and do a thorough background research. Even if you have a good business proposal and a good ROI, the investor may not trust his/her money on you if there are too many negative results about you on the internet.

Let’s take another scenario, where you are recruiting employees for your company. The candidate will first look at your company website and then at the reviews posted online about your company and the work culture. If there are many negative reviews of the work place, the chances are that the candidate may not even come for the interview. This means that you could lose a potentially good employee.

Apart from investors and employees, Online Reputation Management services also helps you paint a good picture of the company in the eyes of the stake holders, business partners, marketers, journalists and others.

At Edufic, we offer comprehensive ORM services in Chennai. When you come to us to establish and maintain your online reputation, we will first do an analysis of your online presence. Based on our findings, we will suggest customized Online Reputation Management services for your business.

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Clients Testimonial
  • Nambi - Delmonsolution (MD)

    In just a few months of working with Radanz my company has seen dramatic improvements to our Google rankings and overall site traffic. The service we’ve received from their team has consistently been above and beyond our expectations.

  • Ajith - Dream Zone, Calicut - CEO

    I have only been working with Radanz for a few months but I would recommend them without hesitation. Their client support has been outstanding and they have exceeded all of my expectations. I have worked with many SEO companies but none of them compare to Radanz.

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