What are the services that you can expect from a SEO firm?


If you have a website or an online platform, then you will surely need to optimize your digital platform for the popular search engines. If you just type in SEO services in Chennai, you will get plenty of results, from small startups to huge companies offering specialized search engine optimization services. Before you contact a SEO service provider, you should first have an idea of the kind of services you can avail from them. Armed with this knowledge, you can negotiate for a better package that’s customized according to the special requirements of your company or business.

SEO services are usually packaged into bundles, and the firm will ask you to choose a package based on your specific requirements. The basic package will usually include the following services:

Research – Site analysis, Competitor analysis

The analyst will carefully analyze your website to check for web page construction, navigation, bread crumbing, image and content loading speed, and other attributes that contribute towards better user experience. The SEO analyst will have a set of parameters that they will cross check against your website. Based on the results obtained, they will suggest the right options for optimization. Suggestions could be restructuring the URL, updating site architecture, optimizing navigation and bread crumbing structure, enhancing the HTML, and more.

The SEO expert will also identify your competitors in the market. They will study those websites and compare the set parameters with yours. This will help them suggest methods to optimize your website.

Keyword optimization – meta tags, meta descriptions, page URLs

Based on the results obtained from the site analysis, the SEO expert will use keyword generation tools to identify top performing keyword phrases for your industry and locality. They will then add these targeted keywords to the meta components and backend of the site, so that they can be crawled by search engine bots.

On page and off page content optimization

Google’s algorithm clearly places importance on the content your website. The content should be relevant, keyword rich, and reader-friendly. Usually SEO firms offer content creation as an add-on process.

Back linking and link building

This is another service usually provided by most SEO firms in Chennai. Content created is posted in numerous places across the web. The content is then back linked to the website. These in bound links play a great role in enhancing your website’s search engine rankings.

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