All that you should know about optimizing your website for voice search

optimizing your website for voice search

Over the years, popularity of voice search has been increasing in leaps and bounds. Now, thanks to Google’s mobile first index, the need for voice optimizing your website has become even more important. Market research predicts that by 2020 more than half search engine queries will be made through voice search. So, if you don’t want to lag in the competition, you should ensure your website is not only mobile friendly, but also voice search optimized.

The various ways in which you can optimize your website for voice search are:

Keywords based on how people speak

All these years, we have been optimizing websites using keywords, derived from assumptions of words and phrases that users may type into the search box. Now, we should start looking at long-tail keywords from a different angle. We need to think of how people speak and not type. This means that we may have to use native or local language in the keywords.

Create content in the form of questions and answers

People are going to ask questions to the search engine. This means that we need to create content in the form of Qs & As, so that the visitors’ queries are answered in the most satisfactory manner.

Optimize your local listing

Survey shows that most users use voice search while checking for restaurants, dealers, service centers, or other details in their localities. So, you need to add local details like street name, locality, city name, and other local details in your mobile website. Apart from searching for businesses using the locality, users also search using keywords like, “business nearby” or “business near me”. You can add these keywords to your content or backend to optimize your website for local search.

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